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Carpet Bleach Spot Repair Melbourne


Bleach stains on carpet is a very common problem, however contrary to what you may think, this is not a stain that can simply be cleaned. A bleach spot is permanent colour loss that has been caused by the bleach stripping the colour out of the carpet fibre dye sites. The only way to repair this situation is to reintroduce the missing colours back into the carpet fibre.

Bleach spots on carpet can be the consequence of accidentally spilling bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, bathroom cleaning products, chlorine, acne medication or even some budget carpet cleaning chemicals. These areas may appear as white, orange, or yellow spots on your carpet.

Traditionally, if you had a bleach spot on your carpet, you either had to put up with it, place a piece of furniture or rug over it, or try to patch it. Sometimes even with a patch the area still stood out, because the patch was either from a scrap piece of carpet or was a virgin piece that had been taken out of a robe and it simply didn’t match the existing carpet.

Our expert team of dye technicians are fully trained in all facets of bleach spot repair  and is able to fully restore to disguise the damage.


Good news; the majority of carpet bleach stains are usually correctable! As long as there is viable fiber, colour can be reintroduced. Nylon and wool, which constitute most carpets today, have dye sites throughout their entire construction. If the fibers have not been physically damaged or degraded they can usually be re-dyed to blend into the entire carpet.


The correctional dyes employed are the same dyes used by the mills therefore this process is a permanent correction.

The only factor that can be a problem is the completeness of the bleach neutralization process. If all the bleach is not neutralized, re-bleaching can occur. The amount of bleach and/or the newness of the bleach can be the determining factor as to the likelihood of correction. Chlorine bleach will dissipate with time. The older the stain is, the easier it is to neutralize. Old stains, approximately one year or older, are rarely a problem, in fact some require very little neutralization. It is the fresh stains or large amounts of bleach that can pose a problem. They can require several neutralizations before dye work is applicable. In many cases, the newness of the stain (or the amount of bleach involved) will determine the repair costs.


The average cost for repairing bleach stains is usually a fraction of the cost of carpet replacement. Bleach drips outside your ensuite, for example, may only cost a few hundred dollars compared to the thousands it would cost for carpet replacement. It is the uniqueness of each colour repair job that determines the cost.

Colour repair of carpet bleach spots is both practical and convenient. Before carpet replacement is undertaken this alternative should be considered; it is usually a fraction of the cost, is far less disruptive and it can achieve better results than piecing in a replacement patch.

We guarantee the dyes are permanent and colourfast. Dyes are environmentally friendly and 100% non-toxic. Freshly dyed carpets maybe walked on immediately without fear of transference.

By dyeing your carpets you are not only saving thousands of dollars in replacement costs, but saving yourself from the inconvenience and headache of installing new carpets.

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