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Carpet Designer Colours Melbourne

The Carpet Dye Technicians at Carpet Colour Restorations can add borders, shapes, and other designs to your carpets and rugs. We can also add runners to stairs, hallways, and other high-traffic areas to help create a practical, easy-to-maintain look.

We can also create a custom colour to match artwork, cushions or other designer elements to your home or apartment. Our services are utalised by Interior Designers that cannot find a perfect match to bring their concept to life. Once the original colour of the carpet or rug is lighter (cream, light beige, light grey) than the desired colour, we can usually create a perfect colour match to the designer colour you are looking for.

Dyes are guaranteed permanent and colourfast, and freshly-dyed carpet may be walked on immediately. Our process is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

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