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Carpet Colour Restoration Melbourne


A colour clean or colour enhancement replaces the colour that fades from your carpet every year. It is not common knowledge but the average carpet in looses 2-3% of its colour every year from normal use and from the environment.

A colour clean is a maintenance service for your carpet that both cleans to remove dirt and impurities AND replaces the colour lost.

This service ensures your carpets stay the same colour as when they were newly laid. Carried out yearly, a colour clean will extend the life of your carpet and keep it looking fresh and new.

There will be times when the value of the carpet is still intact as far as the construction goes, in fact some carpets are actually in very good condition, yet the total value is greatly diminished by colour fading and discolouration.

Carpet discolouration can result from overexposure to sunlight, chemical exposure or fade spots from furniture or over cleaning with harsh chemicals. Carpets that have faded from sun light or chemical exposure may be restored back to their original colour through the expert colour restoration services of Carpet Colour Restorations.

What is Fading & Discolouration?

Fading is a change in colour over time. Identifying faded carpet is as easy as comparing the carpet against a sun exposed window verses the virgin carpet that’s never been exposed to any elements and has spent its entire life underneath a rug. Darker shades of colour will usually be more susceptible to fading than lighter. These will absorb more solar energy and reflect less. Primarily, it is the breakdown of the dyes due to their inability to dissipate absorbed energy that ultimately causes fading.

Another main and increasing cause of fading is chemical exposure, where chemical changes in the colouring agents of a material can cause a change – or reduction/oxidation (bleaching) – in colour. This is an increasing problem, now that some carpet cleaners are using bleaching compounds in their general cleaning process. They appear to be unaware of the extensive damage that these strong chemicals cause, which historically in textiles have only been used in isolated controlled bleaching and spotting situations.

In addition, wear or abrasion can physically remove colouring agents from a material’s surface. This can be observed in traffic lanes of hallway carpet where there appears to be a yellowing of colour. This is mainly a dye loss; especially where the yellowing has little if any response to repeated professional cleanings. This problem is corrected by redyeing the affected areas with the missing colours.

When we repair or restore colour faded carpets we guarantee the dyes are permanent and colourfast. The dyes used are environmentally friendly and 100% non-toxic. Freshly dyed carpets maybe walked on immediately without fear of transference.

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