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Carpet Spot Removal Experts in Melbourne

Stubborn stains in carpets such as red wine stains, blood stains, ink stains and coffee stains, can be successfully removed by our wonderful team of experts. We approach these types of problems as colour issues, not simply as stains. Our colour expertise will ensure that unsightly stains and discolorations are gone for good.

Our expert stain removal technicians are willing to try to remove any stain. Over the years we have had exceptional success removing stains from carpets such as:

Red Wine Stains Ink Stains Coffee Stains
Cordial Stains Rust Stains Permanent Marker Stains
Water Damage Stains Soft Drink Stains Texta Stains
Tea Stains Vomit Stains Orange Juice Stains
Coke Stains Oil Stains Beer Stains
Lip Stick Stains Makeup Stains Sauce Stains
Urine Stains Blood Stains Grease Stains
Pet Stains Lip Stick Stains Wax Stains
Chewing Gum Blu-Tak Paint Stains

And Many More!

Due to our unique ability to work with carpet colour and dyes, we are able to judge how best to tackle your particular stain and carpet. If full stain removal is not able to be achieved we have the expertise to safely strip back the colour and re-dye the carpet back to its former glory, saving you thousands in carpet replacement.

If you’ve got an unsightly stain that you’ve been dealing with as your regular carpet cleaner said it cannot be removed, why not give us a try? You’ve got nothing to lose other than the stain!

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